High School Senior Suspended After Trying To Help Bullied Freshman

A high school student has allegedly been suspended for reporting an online bullying incident.

The Rainier High School student, senior Nayt Taylor, believes he was suspended for reporting the online bullying of freshman Dylan Lane. The school district says that is not why he was suspended.

It all began when a picture of Lane was posted by an unnamed female student online with the caption, “This is the biggest [expletive] I know.”

Negative comments were left by others on the posted picture and it caused Lane pain. Taylor says Lane considered hurting himself, reports The Inquisitr.

Taylor then approached a school counselor to report the online bullying and the effect it had on Lane.

The counselor reportedly told him to “drop it.”

Taylor then went to the principal twice during the day the picture was posted, and was ultimately suspended.

"I got suspended before the girls that posted the picture, before the girls that had commented on the picture," Taylor said.

Rainier High School claims Taylor was not suspended for reporting the bullying but for “inappropriate language towards staff and impeding an investigation,” according to his school record as reported by FOX 12 Oregon.

Taylor denies he used profanity during his conversations with school officials.

Principal Graden Blue noted in Taylor’s file that he used profanity multiple times and was “being disruptive…loud, boisterous.”

“No student has ever been suspended or will ever be suspended for coming to advocate for his other fellow student or anyone in the community," said school superintendent Carter. "That wouldn't be our policy, procedure. That's not the right thing to do."

Chad Taylor, Nayt’s father, says that is exactly what the school did in response to his son’s actions.

"My son was flat out suspended for reporting a bullying incident, which they hold assemblies every week to tell you what to do. They post signs all over the hallway to tell you to do," said Chad Taylor. "You tell me, what kind of message are they sending?"

The bullying incident is said to have been dealt with accordingly by Carter.

The female student who posted the photo has an expulsion hearing scheduled.


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