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Reporter Stabbed While Demonstrating Knife-Proof Vest (Video)

Israeli reporter Eitam Lachover put life and limb on the line to test out a stab-proof vest on camera. Unfortunately, the experiment did not go as planned (video below).

Israel had a spate of stabbing attacks at the end of 2015, and Lachover was participating in a segment on vests designed to protect the body in the event of a knife attack, RT reports.

Lachover agreed to demonstrate the vest’s abilities and ended up getting stabbed in the upper back.

Luckily, his inures weren’t severe, and he was released from the hospital after getting stitches.

FMS Enterprises Migun, the company that makes the vests, contended that it wasn’t the body armor that failed, The Daily Beast reports.

"The reporter moved during the demonstration, and the 'stabber' missed the vest," the company said in a statement. "The reporter was stabbed slightly above the vest.

"Our material has been tested in laboratories all over the world, and was found to have met the most stringent standards -- far beyond the stabbing ability of a human being."

Sources: RT, The Daily Beast / Photo credit: RT/YouTube

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