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Reporter Saves Man From Drowning (Video)

Reporter Saves Man From Drowning (Video) Promo Image

A CNN reporter saved a man in Texas from drowning on live TV while covering Hurricane Harvey.

Journalist Drew Griffin was reporting on the storm's impact in Beaumont, Texas, when a truck slipped into high water, reports Uproxx.

"Get out, dude!" Griffin screams, before asking for a power cord and running to the man.

"Buddy, come on, get up out of that water," he says through Jerry Sumrall's truck window while working with his camera crew to drag the man out.

"Come on, sir, let's get you up and into the dry," Griffin later said to Sumrall, CNN reports. "How are you doing? Lord have mercy, this is too much of a time for you to be interviewed right now. Are you doing all right? Your heart doing OK? You're alive, sir. You're alive."

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Sumrall was overwhelmed with gratitude. He thanked Griffin and the crew on camera.

"I want to thank these guys for saving my life," said Sumrall, before turning to Griffin and thanking him personally.

It was clear Griffin was visibly in shock over what just happened.

"There was no time to call 911 ... he was floating down the ravine," Griffin said. "I can’t believe that just happened, I don’t know what to tell you."

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It's not the first time CNN correspondents have rescued those at risk because of Hurricane Harvey.

Correspondent Ed Lavandera and producer Jason Morris saved an elderly man, his wife and dog from drowning, reports the Daily Mail.

Some praised the reporters for their bravery.

"CNN doing great work again," wrote one person on the Daily Mail's website.

"It was heart breaking to see the elderly man and his wife and dog rescued," commented another. "This man's a hero and possibly saved there live's. Keep up the good work."

"The very best of the United of the brave and free...God Bless America and its people during these dark days," added a third.

Even some critics expressed admiration.

"This segment almost made me forget what CNN has become," commented one.

Others were less than impressed.

"So we're supposed to believe the premier Fake News channel on cable didn't set this up?" wrote one person in the comments section. "When your credibility is shot everything is up for questioning."

A few lashed out against critics.

"Seriously not the time for your rhetoric," shot back one. "How about take 5 minutes and appreciate neighbors helping neighbors!!"

"You people are deluded," wrote another. "You've given up belief in any objective reality that does not align with your personal prejudices. Dementia is just a step away."

"You managed to make this political SOMEHOW!" agreed a third. "Well done C.N.N. it is also the best coverage of this disaster bar none!"

Sources: Uproxx, CNN, Daily Mail (2) / Featured Image: U.S. Department of Agriculture/Flickr / Embedded Images: current events 24/7/YouTube, NASA/Wikimedia Commons

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