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Reporter Robbed While Filming Freddie Gray Protest (Video)

A reporter from Russia Today (RT), a Russian news outlet, covering the protest over the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore on Saturday night was robbed while recording footage.

The female reporter’s footage of the event, uploaded to YouTube and embedded below to view, shows a group of young men flashing obscene hand signals at the camera and shouting in an aggressive manner.

The woman is then reportedly pushed to the ground.

Getting back on her feet, she chases someone, yelling: “Stop! Give it back!” It appears that her bag was stolen.

Police were nearby and apprehend a man.

The victim tells police that the man has her bag and he responds while being held on the ground, “It wasn’t me.”

Heavy reports that an arrest was made.

RT did not report on the incident in its English-language coverage of the protests, according to The Blaze, but did on its Russian-language website.

The Freddie Gray protests began last week in Baltimore after Gray, who was arrested and taken into custody without force or incident somehow suffered a spinal injury during his arrest or while inside the police van. After spending a week in the hospital in a medically-induced coma, he died. 

The six officers who took Gray into custody have been suspended with pay while an investigation into the matter takes place.

Sources: The Blaze, Heavy / Photo Source: The Blaze

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