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Reporter Notices Something On Trump's Desk (Photo)

A reporter tweeted a photo of something she "never saw during previous administration" on President Donald Trump's desk in the Oval Office. What she criticized the president for has many stunned and confused.

CNN reporter Kate Bennett tweeted a photo of Trump working at his desk in the Oval Office, according to Mad World News. In front of the president in the photo are several stacks of paper and a glass of soda.

"Something you never saw during previous administration, soda on the Resolute desk," Bennett captioned the photo.

The tweet was quickly met with responses from Trump supporters, who made sure to point out to the reporter there are plenty of photos of former President Barack Obama with drinks, as well as his feet, on the Resolute desk. 

"Gasp! Foot on the desk and a coffee cup!" One user responded to Bennett's tweet. "You are losing!" The response was accompanied by a photo of Obama with his foot on the Resolute desk, which also has a cup and saucer on it.

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"Can CNN ever get it right? The reporters there never do any research on a subject, they just write any crap that crosses their minds!" One reader commented on RedStateWatcher. "I use the word MINDS loosely! A word of advice, research your subject before you write!"

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While the reporter shared a photo of a glass soda on the president's desk, Trump stirred up a bigger controversy when he signed an executive order banning immigrants from seven predominately Muslim countries. 

The executive order sparked protests in airports nationwide as green card holders and visa holders from those countries were detained in airports after arriving back in the U.S. from countries listed in the ban.

Sources: Mad World NewsRedStateWatcher / Photo credit: Kate Bennett/Twitter via Mad World News

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