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Reporter Attacked While Out On Assignment (Video)

Jeni DiPrizio, an investigative reporter based in Memphis, Tennessee, was attacked on camera while seeking an interview with a scrap yard owner (video below).

The property owner’s daughter, Nancy Ellis, assaulted DiPrizio twice.

Ellis came out and tried to take DiPrizio’s phone and hit her in the head with a notepad.

“Oww, she hit me!” DiPrizio yelled after Ellis whacked her.

"That's right," Ellis replied.

DiPrizio was working on the story because people had complained about the property being an illegal junkyard and an eyesore.

DiPrizio filed a police report, but it’s unknown whether Ellis has been charged. DiPrizio was not seriously injured.

Sources: NY Daily News, The Huffington Post, Local Memphis / Image via The Huffington Post


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