Reporter Accidentally Flashes Thousands (Video)

An Argentinian news reporter accidentally flashed thousands of viewers when she lifted up her dress during a broadcast (video below).

Fox News reporter Alina Moine had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction while her and her co-host were discussing the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Moine, wearing a loose black dress, lifted her hand up toward her face, accidentally catching her dress on the way up. She lifted up her dress to expose her underwear to thousands of viewers.

After the wardrobe mishap, Moine can be seen in the rest of the segment carefully keeping her hands still by her side and holding onto her dress to prevent a similar mistake from happening again. 

A video of the malfunction was shared on YouTube in November 2015, where it has been viewed over 800,000 times as of June 17.

As the Daily Mail points out, Moine is no stranger to showing a bit of skin. When she is not working as a sports journalist for Fox News, Moine has done a bit of modeling, notably for the lingerie company Selu.

Some viewers have questioned whether the flash was truly an accident.

"The curious thing is that this [program] was recorded," one viewer commented, according to the Daily Mail. "It’s strange that they did not cut out this part."

Sources: Daily MailFox News via YouTube / Photo Credit: Fox News via YouTube

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