Report: Sherry West, Mother Of Antonio West, Might Have Lied About Who was Present When Son was Killed


Last week we reported on the story of Antonio West, a 13-month-old baby who was allegedly killed by two black teenagers in Brunswick, Georgia.

At the time, Ashley Glassey, daughter of Antonio’s mother, Sherry West, publicly doubted her mother’s narrative that the two teenagers killed Antonio. Glassey said her mother had changed her story multiple times since the killing, and she even sort of suggested her mother might have killed Antonio for insurance money.

As noted by the Inquisitr, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation released a report on the shooting, and Glassey isn’t the only one doubting her mother’s story anymore.

West had maintained that her husband, Louis Santiago, was not present when their son was shot. She said he was shopping at Wal-Mart. But, per WPTV, the GBI report is casting serious on this claim.

Santiago tested positive for gunshot residue, and according to the report “this supports the possibility that the individual discharged a firearm, was in close proximity to a firearm upon discharge or came into contact with an item whose surface bears GSR.”

West says she does not know why Santiago tested positive for gunshot residue, but she is maintaining that he was not present.

The full GBI report has not been released to the public at this time. The defense attorney for De’marquise Elkins, one of the teenagers charged with murdering West, filed a motion asking the judge to force prosecutors to hand over the entire report. 

Here is a quick refresher of the incident, via Newsone:

"On March 21, 2013,baby Antonio was shot while being strolled by his mother, Sherry West, on a quiet, tree-lined street in Brunswick, Georgia. The distraught mother claims that two young Black men — later identified as Elkins and Dominique Lang, 15 — tried to rob her and when she said that she didn’t have any money, one of them shot her in the leg and ear then coldly walked over to the stroller and fatally shot her baby boy in the face."

The case will go on trial starting on August 19th.

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Sources: Inquisitr, Newsone, WPTV


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