Report: Officer Let His Dog Pee on Michael Brown Memorial Hours After His Death

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A new report claims that just hours after Michael Brown was shot on August 9, a police officer allowed his dog to urinate on a makeshift memorial that had been erected for the teenager.

Furthermore, police also allegedly drove their patrol cars over the flowers and candles that Brown’s mother had scattered over the place where her son’s body had fallen.

A picture posted on Twitter after the incident shows the destroyed memorial with the caption, “Police cars trampled the rose petals and candles at the memorial for #MikeBrown.”

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According to the report, it is not clear who the offending officer is, or what agency the officer worked for.

Reporter Mark Follman says that he confirmed the claims with three separate state and local officials’ reports.

Follman said that one of these officials had interviewed a distraught eyewitness and that the official recounted that the woman “said that the officer just let the dog pee on” the memorial.

Missouri state Representative Sharon Pace told Mother Jones that she had brought tea light candles for the family the day after Brown’s death.

Pace recalled that the teen’s mother and family “spelled out his initials with rose petals over the bloodstains.”

However, the flowers and candles were soon smashed by officers who had blocked off the street to all cars other than law enforcement vehicles.

“That made people in the crowd mad and it made me mad,” Pace said, adding that residents began walking in front of police vehicles to prevent them from driving into the block.

The St. Louis County Police said that it was unaware of the incidents.

Sources: MailOnline, The Huffington Post

Photo Sources: MailOnline


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