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Report: Oakland Police Pointed Guns at Sleeping Baby

A new report by Robert Warsaw, who is a federal monitor overseeing the Oakland Police Department, says that police officers pointed their guns at a sleeping baby while doing a search of a residence, reports the East Bay Express.

The report states: “Two officers pointed their firearms at a sleeping 19-month-old child who, of course, posed no immediate threat to the officers or others. The crime being investigated, according to the reports, involved a misdemeanor offense.”

The report came a week after Oakland Mayor Jean Quan hired former New York and Los Angeles Police Commissioner William Bratton as a consultant, who is being paid $250,000.

The report also says that the Oakland Police Department did not respond strongly enough to complaints made by Occupy Oakland protesters involving excessive force. A big part of the problem is police officers covering for each other.

The report states: “OPD officers consistently avoided commenting about the misbehavior — and sometimes, felonious actions — of their fellow officers. They apparently remembered seeing participants in the demonstrations and riots clearly, but often could not say which officers were next to them even when they viewed videos of the incidents."

"Particularly troubling were the failures of supervisors to lead their subordinates or to comment on their actions. We found instances where supervisors, even when viewing videos of clearly improper behavior, were evasive and reluctant to comment.”


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