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Report: NYC Mayor Bloomberg Spending City Cash On Gun Control In Nevada

According to a report by the The New York Post, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is using city resources and cash to further his gun control agenda on a national level. City employee Christopher Kocher was reportedly sent as a representative of Bloomberg’s organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, to lobby for stricter background checks on firearms sales in Nevada. For some reason Kocher did not use his City Hall email address when he signed up on the state of Nevada lobbying-registration web site earlier this month.

“It doesn’t seem kosher to me,” said Gene Russianoff of the New York Public Interest Research Group. “It’s hard to see how gun control in Nevada makes the city safer in New York.”

An aide to Bloomberg said that New York often lobbies state and national leaders about issues that would enhance the city’s own well-being. Russianoff said that argument does not really apply in this case.

“They deal with jurisdictions that have sway over our future, and Nevada does not,” he said.

It was reported last week that domain names for MAIG’s website were registered by the New York City Department of Information and Technology.

A City Hall representative said MAIG has access to city resources because furthering gun control will only help New York City.

“With 85 percent of guns used in crimes here coming from out of state, gun policy everywhere has an impact on the safety of New Yorkers,” said John McCarthy. “The mayor’s top priority is keeping New Yorkers safe, and that includes seeking sane gun laws in other states ... to help reduce the flow of illegal guns to New York.”

Sources: The New York Post, The Blaze


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