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Report: North Dakota Woman in Car Crash Kills Grandmother

A 20-year-old North Dakota woman is facing charges for negligent homicide after she killed an 89-year-old grandmother in a May 27 car crash when she was checking Facebook on her phone.

Prosecutors charged Abby Sletten after a police search found that she had been viewing Facebook at the time she ran into the back of another car with three people in it, including grandmother Phyllis Gordon, daughter Jennifer Myers and her granddaughter, according to the Daily Mail.

Though the two members of the Myers family survived the crash, the incident killed Gordon, who had eight grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.

The cars reportedly collided while Sletten was driving at about 85 mph. Police have said they suspect she was looking at her phone instead of the road, so she did not break her car at any point immediately before the crash.

Sletten has said that she does not remember the crash, though it is unclear how this will affect legal proceedings.

Some people at the complex said they had tried to help Gordon after the crash, but their efforts were unsuccessful.

Source: Daily Mail


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