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North Dakota SWAT Team Raids Innocent Woman's Home, Mocks Her Screams (Video)

Lynette Bintliff says a SWAT team broke into her home on Nov. 29 in Minot, North Dakota, and held her at gunpoint (video below).

"The door got kicked open really loud, and all I seen was a gun -- [one of] the long-barreled guns," Bintliff told KFYR. "And a storm of SWAT team members came running in and they had their guns pointed at me, and one of them tackled and handcuffed me."

The SWAT team was searching for a murder suspect and reportedly had a no-knock warrant.

"The warrant for that apartment was supported with a probable cause reviewed by a state attorney and a judge," Minot Police Chief Jason Olson said.

Bintliff told the police that they had the wrong person, while she was handcuffed at the foot of her bed for almost 40 minutes.

"I don't think I deserve to have my door busted in, having guns pointed at me," Bintliff said. "They threatened to kill my dogs if they did anything.

"And they were making fun of the way I screamed. They were laughing at how high-pitched it was and they were just laughing and chatting like nothing was going on out there, and I was in here crying. I didn't know what was going on. They still hadn't told me anything."

Olson refused to comment on the alleged behavior of the his officers. Instead, he pivoted the subject to the warrant.

"I'm not able to speak about an ongoing investigation," Olson said. "There was reason why the warrant was served at that residence. She is not facing any charges and is not considered a suspect."

Olson may have to comment in the future on the actions of his officers, as Bintliff is talking to a lawyer about taking legal action. She has since moved out of her apartment and into her parents' home.

The murder victim in the case was identified by police as 30-year-old Roger Falana; however, a 43-year-old woman, who was wounded, has not been identified.

While Olson would not speak about the investigation, Minot Police Captain John Klug told KXNews about it: "There were a couple different calibers of ammunition that was found, spent casings that were found, so it would lead us to believe that there were at least a couple of shooters involved.

"We don't know if it was an exchange of gunfire; we don't know exactly what took place ... but we know that there were several people that were down there, a number of vehicles that were down there.

"So everything is pointing to plenty of witnesses being there. It's just a matter of them coming forward and being honest with us and telling us what happened."

Sources: KFYR, KXNews / Photo Credit: KYFR Screenshot

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