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Murder Suspect George Huguely Threatened to Kill Female Cop

University of Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely -- accused of killing former girlfriend Yeardley Love -- once threatened to kill a female police officer, a new report says.

In 2008, Virginia police responding to a 911 call found Huguely outside of a house, "stumbling on to oncoming traffic in the street," Lexington Police Chief A.S. Thomas told

When police tried to arrest Huguely for public intoxication, they say he resisted. Officer R.L. Moss said Huguely was "yelling obscenities and making threats," according to a statement released Tuesday.

When Huguely then threatened to kill Moss, she decided to use a stun gun on him, according to a report on WTVR-TV. Huguely then "became more aggressive, more physical towards me," Moss said, according to the station.

Huguely was eventually subdued and pleaded guilty last year to two counts of resisting arrest. He was placed on six months probation and given a 60-day sentence, which was suspended.

Huguely is now charged with first-degree murder, accused of killing fellow lacrosse player Yeardley Love. Court documents say Huguely admitted to shaking Love and slamming her head against a wall repeatedly. Her body was found early Monday morning in her apartment.

Family and friends told Fox News on Wednesday that Huguely once tried to physically attack Love in a public place. 

Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo said there is no police record of abuse in Huguely's relationship with Love. But investigators plan to interview their friends about that. He said authorities are investigating whether any death threats were made against the woman.


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