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Report: Lara Logan Returning to Work After Egypt Attack

CBS News correspondent Lara Logan is vowing to return to work following a brutal assault in Egypt.

TMZ is reporting that Logan wants to return to work "within weeks." Friends describe her as "unbelievably strong" with an "incredibly tough constitution."

They say she is openly discussing what happened to her, and that "she is going to be OK."

She was released from an undisclosed hospital Tuesday afternoon and is recovering at her Washington, D.C.-area home with her family.

Logan was in Tahir Square on Friday when she, her crew and their security team were surrounded by some 200 Egyptians. She got separated from them, and sustained what CBS called "a brutal and sustained sexual assault."

Published reports quoting a source familiar with the incident says it "was not a rape," and that the beating lasted for 20-30 minutes.

Logan was eventually rescued by a group of women and 20 Egyptian soldiers. She flew back to the U.S. on Saturday.


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