Report: Kevin Johnson Beats Pie-Thrower To A 'Bloody Pulp'

Kevin Johnson, the current Sacramento mayor and former NBA Phoenix Suns star, received a pie in the face at a community event on Sept. 21.

The suspected pie guy is Sean Thompson, who simply walked up to the two-term mayor at a local high school and shoved a pie in his face, according to the mayor’s press secretary, Crystal Strait, reports CNN.

A scuffle ensued, and Thompson suffered minor injuries, according to the Sacramento Police Department. However, according to reporter Nick Miller of the East Bay Express, the scuffle was more like a beatdown, Deadspin reports.

Miller described the altercation as follows:

Sources in attendance have told the Express that, during the meal, a protester ran at the mayor and threw a store-bought pie in his face.

After this, the protester reportedly said something to Johnson, which prompted him to allegedly tackle the protester and punch him in the face “repeatedly,” more than half a dozen times, landing many of them.

One witness described it as a “bloody pulp.” Ambulances and fire department arrived on the scene.

After the event, sources say Johnson was given a change of clothes and then addressed the audience at the podium, apologizing, and receiving applause.

Reportedly, Johnson was unharmed. According to press secretary Strait, "The mayor is doing well and appreciates everyone's support.” As for Thompson, he was subsequently arrested on felony charges of assaulting a public official.

Mayor Johnson announced last year that he would not seek a third term as mayor, and will leave the office this year.

Sources: Deadspin, CNN / Photo credit: Kevin Johnson/Wikimedia Commons

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