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Report: ISIS Raking In Cash From Trafficking Of Human Organs, Drug Smuggling And Crude Oil

Shocking reports claim that ISIS is raking in big money through the trafficking of organs harvested from hostages.

It is widely known that the terrorist organization has been turning a profit on oil sales and drug smuggling in the region, but new reports say that they are now recruiting foreign doctors to harvest the organs of not only dead fighters, but also living hostages.

“The third funding source was exposed by otolaryngologist Siruwan al-Mosuli,” reads a report from Al-Monitor. “He said that lately he noticed unusual movement within medical facilities in Mosul. Arab and foreign surgeons were hired, but prohibited from mixing with local doctors. Information then leaked about organ selling. Surgeries take place within a hospital and organs are quickly transported through networks specialized in trafficking human organs. Mosuli said that the organs come from fallen fighters who were quickly transported to the hospital, injured people who were abandoned or individuals who were kidnapped.

“He said that organ sales yield large profits,” the report continues. “A specialized mafia is engaged in these operations, in addition to medical institutions working in other countries. Without coordination among these parties, such a trade cannot be sustained, he said. According to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), the organization sells bodies and organs of injured people they arrest.”

Reports note that crude oil remains the highest source of income for the terrorist organization, but along with reportedly supplying half of Europe’s heroin market, the group is raking in tons of money through organ trafficking and millions of dollars from all three sources together.

Sources: Daily Mail, Inquisitr, WND / Photo Sources:CNN, NBC News


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