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Report: ISIS Members Rape 170 Women And Young Girls In Anbar

Shocking new reports say that members of the Islamic State have viciously raped more than 170 virgin girls in the Anbar province of Iraq in the course of two months.

“More than 170 rapes were committed by the members of the ISIL Takfiri group against young girls in Anbar province over the past two months,” said Sheikh Abdul Rahman Nimrawi, head of Fallujah Council, according to Iraqi News.

In a similar situation, reports also say that around 50 girls from the Yazidi sect were brutally raped by ISIS militants.

“The elements ISIS put the raped girls in Al Salam Hospital in Mosul for the purpose of treating and returning them to their families,” said Sadeq al-Shammari, media relations director for the National Alliance of Ninevah, adding, “the leaders of ISIS threatened the doctors at the hospital not to leak such information to the media.”

Meanwhile, airstrikes continue as a means of trying to stop the terrorist organization from terrorizing the region any more than they already have.

Sources: Iraqi News, Fars News Agency


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