Iraqi Resident Reportedly Poisoned Four ISIS Militants


A report from Iraqi News claims that four ISIS militants in the Diyala province were poisoned by a local resident.

Iraqi News says that a source in the area has claimed that a local man offered the ISIS militants some tea after they arrived at a nearby checkpoint. Unbeknownst to the ISIS members, the tea was poisoned.

The report goes on to say, however, that the inside source claims ISIS stormed the home of the man who poisoned the terrorists.

“The ISIS militants stormed the man’s house and sent the four fighters to a field hospital,” said the source to Iraqi News.

While the fate of the man who poisoned the tea is not know, many on Reddit speculated that he may have been killed by ISIS when they raided his home.

“Poor guy was probably slaughtered,” said one user.

“If he was smart enough to poison the tea, maybe he was smart enough to make a run for it,” another user responded.

Sources: Iraqi News, Reddit


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