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Report: FBI Arrests 2 Men In St. Louis For Buying Explosives To Be Used In Protests

Two men in the St. Louis area have reportedly been arrested after allegedly attempting to buy explosives that were going to be used during protests.

According to a CBS News report, federal authorities apprehended two members of the New Black Panthers during an undercover FBI sting operation. The men in question “intended to use the pipe bombs during protests,” reports Mosheh Oinounou, executive producer of CBS Live.

More: The men were arraigned in court Friday. Had intended to use the pipe bombs during protests. More on

— Mosheh Oinounou (@Mosheh) November 22, 2014

KMOV also posted this note on Facebook:

Law enforcement sources confirming to News 4, the FBI arrested two men in connection with purchasing explosives to be used in pipe bombs during protests. The men, arrested Thursday night, are reportedly from the St. Louis area. Sources confirm they were arrested as part of an FBI undercover operation. 

Tensions are high at the moment as everyone awaits a final decision on whether Darren Wilson will be indicted for the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Brown, 18, was shot in August following an altercation of some sort with Wilson. Some witnesses have reported that Wilson shot Brown while the teen had his hands up; others have said that Brown violently attacked Wilson, leaving the Ferguson officer with no choice but to defend himself.

Earlier this week, Michael Brown’s father urged people all over the United States to stay calm – regardless of whether Wilson is indicted or not. He made it clear that the family does not want any violence or any crimes committed in their son’s name. 

Sources: Buzzfeed, KMOVMosheh Oinounou / Photo Credit: Associated Press


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