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Report Exposes Unacceptable Risks of Changing 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'

As "Queer Activists" prepare to hold another civil disobedience protest at the White House, a new blockbuster report argues that the admission of open and active homosexuals into the U.S. Armed Forces threatens the lives of our service personnel.

The report, "Asking for Trouble: How Admitting Open Homosexuals to the U.S. Armed Forces Will Undermine Military Readiness, Order, and Discipline," argues convincingly that a change in the policy would risk the lives of our troops.

"A change in policy would put our soldiers in a confrontation with another deadly enemy -- not the homosexuals themselves, but the health problems and life-threatening diseases associated with their lifestyles," says Cliff Kincaid, the veteran journalist who heads the public policy group, America's Survival, Inc. (ASI).

The 60-page ASI report, written by writer and researcher Dale O'Leary, is available at "This report provides a new and important basis for exclusion -- the health hazards of the homosexual lifestyle," Kincaid says. Self-described "Queer Activists" have been staging civil disobedience protests outside the White House, in order to pressure President Obama to seek immediate repeal of the Pentagon's homosexual exclusion policy.

They have another such demonstration scheduled on Sunday, May 2 at 12:00 noon (EDT). "These protests are designed to get the attention of the media and create the impression that homosexual soldiers are poor innocent victims of a government policy," Kincaid noted. "The truth is that homosexuals engage in perverted sexual practices that threaten the health of our soldiers already in uniform."

Such dangers include a range of deadly diseases that prevent gay men from currently donating blood. Kincaid asked, "How can gay men be admitted into the Armed Forces, where they might be called upon to save the lives through blood transfusions of their fellow soldiers, when they are already prohibited from donating blood because it might be tainted?"

The report demonstrates that:

• Numerous large well-designed studies have found that gay men and lesbians are far more likely than the general public to have a number of psychological disorders.

• Men who have sex with men are at high risk for contracting HIV/AIDS or some other sexually transmitted diseases. In spite of years of safe sex education, unsafe behavior is actually increasing. • Gay men and women are far more likely to have substance abuse problems.

• Cruising, bathhouses, circuit parties, Internet hookups, prostitution, pornography, and Tearoom sex are all defended by gay men as essential to their identity and freedom.

• Changing the rules on sexual minorities or sexual orientation could open the door to the transgendered and transsexuals. "A change in current policy is not worth the risk," Kincaid said. "A policy change made in the face of this overwhelming scientific and medical evidence will be done for political reasons, in order to appease a special interest group. It could cause lasting damage to our Armed Forces."


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