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Report: Dozens Of ISIS Members Killed With Elaborate Poisoning Plot By Syrian Free Army

A new report from the Times of Iraq claims that cooks at an ISIS camp aligned with the Syrian Free Army to poison and ultimately kill around a dozen ISIS fighters.

According to the report, the Syrian Free Army, whose members are fighting to overthrow the current Syrian regime, have taken responsibility for the poisoning of around a dozen ISIS fighters. The incident took place at the Fath El-Sahel camp, which houses over 1,000 militants, and cooks working there allegedly worked with Syrian Free Army to come up with the plan to kill the terrorists.

On the day in question, the cooks were reportedly able to poison the lunches of dozens of fighters that were to be served later on in the day and flee to safety before anybody realized what had happened. The Times of Iraq claims that around a dozen ISIS members died as a result of the poisoning, and at least a dozen more were transferred to a local hospital.

The cooks who successfully went through with the mission fled to safety with their families to an area outside Deir al-Zour with the help of Syrian Free Army revolutionaries.

Source: The Times of Iraq


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