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Report: Details Emerge On Why Tom Cruise Won't See Suri

Tom Cruise has allegedly been convinced by the Church of Scientology to believe his daughter, Suri Cruise, age 10, is possessed.

According to Radar Online, since 2012, when Suri’s mother, Katie Holmes, divorced Tom, he has reportedly spent very little time with his daughter.

Cruise, 53, hasn’t been seen with Suri since September 2013, according to Inquistr.  

Now Tom allegedly wants to reconnect with Suri so he can perform an exorcism on her, reports to Radar Online. Although Tom’s rep denies the allegations, his former head of security, Gary Morehead, said Scientology leader, David Miscagive, was responsible for planting the idea in Tom’s head.

“Miscavige would have hammered home to Tom that Suri has been infiltrated by a bad Thetan,” Morehead told Radar Online of the evil spirit. “Therefore, it’s easy for Tom to disconnect from her.”

“Once you reach the mind-set where Tom is at, he doesn’t need much convincing,” he explained. “They believe the church is ultimately right, and abide by its demands.”

Former Scientologist Jon Atack told Radar Online that Tom may have felt guilty about neglecting Suri after the divorce, but was ordered to cut her off by the church.

“It’s likely Tom reported feeling upset, and that’s when I think he may have been told to drop any connection to his daughter,” Atack said.

Nearly a month ago, on April 18, Holmes planned an entire weekend of celebration for Suri’s 10th birthday party, but Tom did not show up, according to Inquistr.

“Suri was miserable. She got everything -- from designer outfits, a new computer and even a baby grand piano -- but none of it was enough,” said an insider. “All she wanted was time with her dad, but he didn’t even send a present!”


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