Report: California Tops List Of 10 States With Most UFO Sightings


For years, people have been reporting sightings of UFOs in all parts of the country, but a recent report from the National UFO Reporting Center showing how the states compare in the total number of sightings may surprise some.

The list, which was just released by the National UFO Reporting Center, analyzes sightings using a number of factors that include size, shape, duration of sighting, description, and location. The total number of sightings per state is listed, and now, USA Today has organized the top 10 states with the most UFO sightings to date. 

California takes the top spot with over 11,000 sightings in total, while North Carolina rounds out the bottom with over 2,000. The top 10 states with the most UFO sightings are:

  1. California - 11,092
  2. Florida - 5,017
  3. Washington - 4,951
  4. Texas - 4,313
  5. New York - 3,799
  6. Arizona - 3,143
  7. Illinois - 3,031
  8. Ohio - 2,883
  9. Michigan - 2,424
  10. North Carolina - 2,247

Check out the list in its entirety here.

Sources: USA Today, National UFO Reporting Center / Photo Sources:Geograph, Wikimedia Commons


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