Repo Driver Takes Car With Baby Inside


An Oklahoma repo company reportedly towed a car with a baby inside.  

Tulsa police detectives are reportedly deciding whether to file charges after they say a worker repossessed a woman's car with her baby still in the back seat. As of July 18, police said they've handed reports over to detectives who are figuring out if anyone could be charged for this ordeal, News on 6 reports.

Police said a repossession company driver saw the car they were looking for at an oil change business and towed it on July 16. By the time the driver got to a convenience store, he realized a baby had been left in the car, News Dog notes. That was when the driver called 911.

Police tracked down surveillance video at the oil change shop which showed the mother had been out of the car for just a few minutes before it was repossessed.  

The owner of the repo company, Oklahoma Collateral Recovery, posted this message to his Facebook page, according to News Dog:

The AC was off the windows up, and it was 97 outside at the time, she was NOT in view of the car, she was inside worried where to plug her Ipad up at, she forgot she even had the baby and when she realized the car was gone the only thing she was worried about was 800 dollars in the car it wasnt until 4 or 5 mins later she remembered the baby was there! Fun fact the police left out btw the car had such a strong odor of marijuana you almost couldn't breathe.

It appears that this post has since been deleted from Oklahoma Collateral Recovery's Facebook page.

Officers returned both the baby and the vehicle to the mother. No word yet on which charges, if any, will be filed. 

Sources: News on 6, News Dog / Photo Credit: Oklahoma Collateral Recovery/Facebook

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