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Rep. Steve Stockman Wants to Defund Schools that Don't Allow Imaginary Guns

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) wants to block federal funding for schools that punish students for playing with imaginary guns.

Rep. Stockman's bill 'The Student Protection Act' is in response to some schools that have suspended small children who have pretended their finger or a piece of food was a gun, notes

"This government-sanctioned political correctness is traumatizing children and spreading irrational fear," states the bill, H.R. 2625.

The bill would block federal funds to any school that punishes students for carrying miniature toy guns, using their fingers as a gun, pretending that a writing instrument is a gun, wearing pro- Second Amendment clothes, drawing guns or possessing pictures of guns.

The bill would also stop schools from punishing students for "brandishing a pastry or other food which is partially consumed in such a way that the remnant resembles a gun."

That line is based on an infamous report about a Maryland school that suspended a boy, Josh Welch, who partially ate a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun, noted the Denver Post.

Source: and Denver Post


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