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Rep. Steve Palazzo Compares his Marine Experience to Opposing Gays in the Boy Scouts (Audio)

Rep. Steve Palazzo (R-MS), who voted against Hurricane Sandy relief, is now opposing any change in the Boy Scouts of America’s policy on gay members (audio below).

According to, Rep. Palazzo compared his efforts to keep the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on gays to fighting in the Marines, during an interview last week with Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council.

"I guess the Marine in me is you know when we hear gun fire we don’t run from it we run towards it, we want to help people whether they’re our fellow Marines or whether someone’s been innocently in the crossfire. That’s one of the reasons I’ve engaged in this conversation, I’m just not wired to stand by and watch an organization that wasn’t doing anything be unfairly attacked by Obama, which I’m pretty safe to say he was probably never a Scout, and his highly organized liberal machine," said Rep. Palazzo.

"You made an example of Canada. Canada did something like this and within five years fifty percent of the membership has declined. These people who are out there protesting and petitioning, I don’t think they care one thing about the Boy Scouts of America and in fact I think they would like to see the organization probably go the way of a lot of other faith and family based organizations have gone in the past ten years."

"... You know I’ve jumped out of C-130s before, I jumped out of a few Hueys. maybe I’m just not afraid of weighing in on things that are extremely important to me. That’s the way I’m wired as a parent of three young children, as a former Boy Scout, Cub Scout, whose actually benefited from the values and principles this organization espouses to just say listen I’m tired of watching organizations be unfairly attacked."



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