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Schiff: Trump Is The Worst President In Modern History

Schiff: Trump Is The Worst President In Modern History Promo Image

On the one-year anniversary of the 2016 election, Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California has asserted that President Donald Trump is the worst president in modern history. Schiff is the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, which is currently investigating whether any Trump campaign associates colluded with Russian officials to subvert the 2016 presidential race.

On Nov. 8, a full year after Trump was elected to the White House, Schiff took to social media to blast the president, The Hill reports.

"One year ago, [Donald Trump] was elected President," Schiff tweeted out. "Since then, he has repeatedly shown why he is the worst president in modern history."

Schiff proceeded to list all of the reasons why he believed Trump was a historically bad president, citing his public statements and policy decisions.

"Almost immediately after the election, the President-elect falsely claimed to have won the popular vote and said that millions of illegal immigrants voted," Schiff tweeted out.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had won nearly 3 million more raw votes during the election. Trump secured the White House by racking up 306 electoral votes, prevailing over Clinton's 232 votes, according to CNN.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checker PolitiFact found that there was no evidence that millions of undocumented immigrants had voted during the election and rated Trump's assertion that they did a "Pants on Fire" on their liar chart.

"In his first week of office, [Trump] signed the [Muslim ban], banning people entering our country based on their faith," Schiff continued, referring to the president's executive order on travel.

"Trump unilaterally rescinded [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)] without any replacement," Schiff tweeted. "Hundreds of thousands of DREAMers stand to lose everything. He doesn't care."

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Senate Democrats have vowed to restore DACA protections for undocumented immigrants who were brought into the United States as children by pushing for its inclusion in an upcoming 2018 spending bill. The Trump administration and GOP lawmakers have stated that they will not support any DACA deal in the government spending legislation.

Schiff also blasted Trump for his executive decisions on health care and the military.

"Trump said he would discontinue payments to health insurance companies, raising rates for consumers, actively undermining the Affordable Care Act. ... Without checking with the Pentagon, [Trump] banned trans soldiers from serving our country," Schiff continued. "It was ugly, wrong, and unconstitutional."

Schiff lastly accused Trump of ignoring evidence that Russia had worked to undermine the 2016 election and tweeted that Trump was guilty of: "Cozying up to dictators, threatening war via tweet, hollowing out our State Department..."

The California lawmaker concluded that Trump was the worst president in modern history: "And each day, he works on eliminating 'modern' from that description."

On Nov. 5, Schiff told The Associated Press that while has a leadership role in the congressional investigation into Russia, he believes that Trump's governing style "is a serious problem and in many respects far more grave a threat than anything coming from outside the country."

White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah blasted Schiff for his comment, stating, "It's disappointing, though hardly surprising, that Adam Schiff would make hysterical and demonstrably false comments about the president, and then claim to be objective in his oversight duties."

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