Rent-A-Center Phone Call Leads To Disturbing Discovery At 4-Year-Old Boy's House


A 4-year-old New York boy was found living with his dead mother after reportedly surviving off milk and maple syrup for two days.

Employees at a Rent-A-Center called the boy’s home, WKBW reports. When they asked to speak to his mother, Shaleena Hamilton, the boy said she wouldn’t wake up.

A driver immediately headed to the home on Dec. 4 and called police.

The driver, Taijuan Littleton, said the boy was wearing a diaper and sitting next to his mother, who was collapsed on the floor.

“I realized right there it was not good,” Littleton told WKBW.

Littleton wrapped the boy up in a cover and took him into his van. It was later discovered that Hamilton had died of natural causes.

“Thank God [Littleton] was smart enough to realize that something was wrong and he pursued it, saw her there and called us,” Buffalo Police Lt. Steve Nichols said.

The department helped to set up a Christmas present drive for the boy, and a bicycle and other gifts were given to him on Dec. 14, The Christian Science Monitor reports.

Police said they are still receiving presents and those that can’t be used will be donated to other families in need.

Sources: WKBW, Christian Science Monitor / Photo Credit: WKBW, Ed Reilly(WKBW)/Twitter

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