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Renisha McBride Update: Protesters Rally At Police Station, Investigation Is Underway

Protestors gathered outside of a Dearborn Heights, Michigan police station last night to protest the shooting death of Renisha McBride.

McBride, you will recall, was fatally shot in the face when she knocked on a Dearborn Heights resident’s door looking for help after being involved in a car accident on Saturday. McBride’s representatives say her cell phone battery had died and she was looking for a place to charge her phone.

The man who shot McBride has not been charged with any crime at this time.

"We need transparency in this case," said community organizer Dream Hampton. "I was just outraged by this story, I really was. I asked some friends to meet me at the police department to demand some justice.

"I think that this is racism no matter who does or doesn't frame it this way," Hampton added. "That's what [we're taught]: Black bodies ... even at their most vulnerable, even when they are coming to you for help, even when they're female, they are a possible danger."

Lt. James Serwatowski, chief detective of the Dearborn Heights police department, spoke to the Detroit Free Press recently about the on-going investigations of the shooting.

“This man’s claiming – believed the girl was breaking into the home. And he’s also saying the gun discharged accidentally,” Serwatowski said. “She was shot in the face, near the mouth.”

Lt. Serwatowski said the alleged shooter did not contact police after McBride was shot.

“The alleged assailant did not, according to reports, immediately notify the police that the shooting had taken place,” he said. “It was reported that instead neighbors contacted police about the shooting. He has not, to date, been arrested.”

Serwatowski said the prosecutor’s office wants more information about the shooting before they decide if they will formally charge the shooter. The investigation is moving along swiftly, Serwatowski reports.

“I know the family is anxious to see this man (the alleged shooter) charged but the prosecutor’s office is telling us they want a lot more information before they make a decision,” he said.

Michigan is one of 32 states with a version of a “Stand Your Ground” law. The shooter, claiming he believed he was under attack, will likely invoke the law as his defense for shooting McBride if he is charged. 

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