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Renata Shamrakova Trying to Raise Restitution Funds on Website

Todd Meister’s former personal assistant faces one to three years in jail if she can’t pay back the $821,000 she owes in restitution and she’s now using a Kickstarter-type web effort to help raise the funds.

Renata Shamrakova used Meister’s credit cards and ran up a tab buying clothing, furniture, trips and jewelry in 2011 and last year. The 28-year-old beauty copped to grand larceny and evidence tampering in March and faces the prison time if she can’t pay back Meister, who is Nicky Hilton’s ex-husband.

“Some people may think that it is not the best way to raise restitution funds,” Shamrakova admits on her site, titled “Restitution for Renata.”

She also said, “I am hopeful that someone will see past the media blitz and conclude that I deserve a second chance to restart my life while there is still an opportunity to do so.”

The cash-strapped 28-year-old has until March 2015 to pay Meister the full $821,000, but must pay up $425,000 by Dec. 20. As of Tuesday night, she had raised just $125 on the site.

 “My parents have put their property up for sale in an attempt to help me avoid such a devastating fate come December but have been unable to sell the business as of yet and time is ticking,” her fund-raising site adds.

Shamrakova says she posted the plea for green knowing it might attract some negative attention.

“The reaction that I’m trying to solicit is that somebody would put themselves in my shoes and see that I’m making an effort, that years of my life are on the line,” she told the Daily News in an interview Tuesday.

“I don’t expect people to feel bad for me. I’m just using the resources that are available to me,” added Shamrakova, who wore a white sheer blouse revealing her bra, striped heels and tan slacks to a brief court appearance Tuesday.

Sources: New York Daily News, Mail Online


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