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Model Says Man Has Offered $2 Million For Her Virginity

An 18-year-old woman from Romania claims a businessman offered her more than $2 million for her virginity.

Aspiring bikini model Aleexandra Khefren, whose real name is Oana Raducu, says she is attempting to sell her virginity to the highest bidder, the Daily Mail reports.

Khefren says she hopes to help her family and use the money towards her education, aiming to attend Oxford University, reports.

"We have many offers up to [$2 million]," she said. "We search even bigger offers and we will choose a gentleman. We will not go to choose somebody just for the money."

The young woman elaborates further, saying she is curious about sex.

"We will go to a hotel in Germany, have dinner and then it will happen," she said. "I am very curious about how sex is. I have not experimented. I don't know what is it."

She also admits she is not sure she will enjoy the experience.

"I am thinking it is strictly business, not emotional," she said. "I will just drink a glass of wine and go through with it."

Khefren is using Cinderella Escorts, a German website, to host her auction. 

"The date takes place in Germany," says the agency, which will take 20 percent of the winning bid. "The buyer can choose a hotel here, where Aleexandra will visit him for a night."

While Khefren and her agency are excited about the sale, Khefren's family have expressed their anger and upset.

"They have begged her not to do it, but she told them, 'I'm 18 and I can do what I like with my body,'" explains Khefren's uncle, Radu Raducu. "They have threatened her and said if she goes ahead with selling herself they will not consider her their daughter any more. It is a terrible situation. Her mother was in tears."

Although her family members are better off than many other Romanians, she claims they will be evicted in February. 

Raducu says the family is doing fine financially, but that the young woman's father believes somebody may be negatively influencing his daughter.

"He can't understand why she is doing this," said a family friend. "It is so unlike her and feels someone is influencing her. He is devastated and his wife has not stopped crying since she found out."

Sources: Daily Mail, / Photo credit: Cinderella Escorts via Daily Mail

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