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Package Thief Confronted By Alleged Victim (Video)

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A package thief in Alhambra, California, was caught red-handed attempting to nab a delivery from the doorstep of a resident's home (video below).  

Rianna Medina, 20, was arrested and booked on suspicion of one count of felony grand larceny for allegedly trying to steal a package from the home of a local resident. The resident spotted Medina on his doorstep and confronted her with cellphone in hand, taking video of the awkward exchange. 

The clip, released by police and posted to YouTube, shows Medina leaving the resident's property with two boxes in hand.  The man with the cellphone approaches and says, "You know I live here?"  

At first, the woman is defiant, claiming that she is the one who lives at the residence.  She then switches tactics and claims that her "mom lives here." 

When that doesn't work, the woman drops the packages to the ground and simply walks in the opposite direction. 

According to the unidentified man who caught her, he was shocked by her behavior.  He told local affiliate KTLA:  "I was like, man, this girl is crazy.  I guess she got caught and she's mad about it." 

According to the anonymous individual, the packages contained replacement items for things that were recently stolen from his car.

Alhambra Police Sergeant Jerry Johnson confirmed that an arrest had been made, and that Medina's bail had been set at $25,000.  She was apparently taken into custody without incident after a series of tips led police to a motel in Rosemead where Medina was staying.  

Medina was identified after the video was posted online, authorities said.  She is due in court May 17. 

Sources: Daily Mail, KTLA, Live Leak/Youtube / Photo credit: Alhambra Police Department via KTLA

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