Police Officer Injured When He Bites Into Glass At A Cafe


A Columbus, Ohio, police officer was rushed to the hospital after he reportedly cut his mouth on a piece of glass that was in a sandwich he ordered at a local cafe.

Officer Quoc Nguyen was given several tests and held overnight after he bit into a sandwich at Lincoln Cafe and felt a hard, gristly texture. When he looked into the sandwich, Nguyen saw glass and immediately noticed that he was bleeding.

The restaurant was closed down and an assault squad was brought in to interview staff and patrons. Columbus Public Health officials inspected the food and spoke to the employee who served the sandwich to Nguyen. There was nothing wrong with the food but officials did find glass plates that had chips on the rim. Four small pieces of broken glass were also found under the drying rack.

Leon Lewis, the operations manager at Lincoln Cafe, told WSYX that his restaurant was cooperating with investigations, and police stated that they do not believe the glass was placed there intentionally.

Mad World News reported, however, that Lewis refused to acknowledge to reporters whether or not the glass was placed there intentionally. 

No charges have been filed in the case. 

Sources: WSYX, Mad World News / Photo credit: Mad World News

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