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King Richard III Remains Recovered Under Parking Lot

The long lost remains of one of Britain’s most infamous kings have been discovered.

DNA testing has confirmed that the skeleton found under a parking lot recently is in fact that of 15th century King Richard III.

Richard III was the central character in William Shakespeare’s aptly-titled play, “Richard III,” and is also believed to be the last English monarch to be killed on the field of battle.

Those are not the only distinguishing things about the deceased king, though. He was also the ruler of England during the War of the Roses and is alleged to have contributed to the deaths of many -- including two of his nephews in the Tower of London -- on his way to the top.

He has his detractors, but the king has his fair share of fans as well. Namely: the members of the Richard III Society. At least one society member is excited about what the discovery of Richard III’s remains could mean for the king’s reputation.

"It will be a whole new era for Richard III," said society member Lynda Pidgeon to CBS News. "It's certainly going to spark a lot more interest. Hopefully people will have a more open mind toward Richard."

Despite records saying otherwise, the location of Richard’s body has been a mystery for centuries. In September, archaeologists searching for Richard dug up the skeleton of an adult male. There were signs of trauma to the skull and a barbed metal arrowhead was found between vertebrae of the upper back, leading to speculation that the body belonged to someone who had died in battle. King Richard III was also said to have appeared to have a curved spine and the discovered body showed signs of scoliosis.

The discovery of the remains may help thrust Richard III’s name back in the conversation with some of some of England’s more noteworthy kings.

"With Henry VIII you've got six wives, sex and things going on," Pidgeon acknowledged. "It's a bit hard to compete with that when you are a bit more straight-laced, as Richard was."

Source: (CBS News)


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