Religious Right OK with Contraceptives for Horses, Not Women

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Dan Burton, Republican congressman from Indiana wants to spend money for contraceptions for horses, but women, be darned. I am not opposed to efforts to control wild horses through contraception. It's a good idea, but when it comes to human beings, many on the right are opposed because they find it "ungodly."

While Burton isn't -- by any means -- the biggest figure in Congress when it comes to the religious right, he is definately no great supporter of secular government. Why is there such great intolerance to contraceptive usage for human beings and not for other animals? (By the way, I hate having to remind people but yes, we are also animals.) It is simply that there are religious concepts attached to the actions and behavior of human beings that no other species has to suffer under.

For example, if your cat or dog or even hamster is in great pain that cannot be alieved, it is considered wrong (correctly) to prolong his/her suffering. You take the pet to the vet and have him/her "put to sleep". If you try to take that option for yourself, well if you are in anything but a handful of states, good luck. There are people who not only want to control your bed and who you have sex with, but who want to control that same bed when you are in great pain that cannot be relieved.

Those who cut funding for Planned Parenthood did not only do so because of the rather small portion of its' budget that goes to abortions (none of those paid for by federal dollars by the way) but also because they have comphrensive contraceptive education. The ironic thing is that such shortsightedness will lead to more abortions because many young women who did not receive contraceptions will get an abortion fact the fact, either from a qualified medical professional, or some guy with a coat hanger.

As both a humanist and a progressive I see the need to free us from superstitious beliefs that do us as a society, harm. Even though I hold no such beliefs, I am still forced to suffer under their consequences. I have no right to die in Wisconsin. Gay couples, can't marry in Wisconsin. There is opposition to teens given comphrensive sex eduation, because of those same beliefs. Reason and rationally should determine public policy, not ancient sheep herders.


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