This Convicted Rapist Is Coming To A Neighborhood Near You


A judge in Northern California has ordered the nicknamed “Pillowcase Rapist” to be released from prison.

The convicted rapist, Christopher Evans Hubbart, now 63, who attacked at least 40 women in the 1970s and 1980s will be released to live in a remote Southern California desert area east of the city of Palmdale on July 7, reports ABC News. He admitted to committing the rapes and has been in and out of state custody since 1972, having been a continual repeat offender.

Hubbart received the nickname “Pillowcase Rapist” because he used a pillowcase to muffle the screams of some of his victims. He is considered to be a sexually violent predator.

"Now we are preparing for his arrival," said District Attorney Jackie Lacey, an advocate of Hubbart’s release. “We will do everything within our authority to protect the residents of Los Angeles County from this dangerous predator."

Hubbart will be required to wear a GPS monitor on his ankle at all times and will be accompanied by security personnel each time he goes out in public for six months to a year following his release. He will participate in therapy sessions twice a week.

KTLA describes the home Hubbart will occupy as being a “ramshackle home on a dirt road.”

Residents of Southern California have protested Hubbart’s release.

“It angers me. It angers me because now all these women and these children are going to be in fear,” said Henrietta Andriese. “We’re not even safe anymore.”

State Assemblyman Steve Fox, a Democrat who represents the Palmdale area, vocally opposed Hubbart’s release. He stated that the location of the home, with the lack of paved roads, no street lighting, and minimal policing, made the area unsuitable for a violent predator.

“Mr. Hubbart would present a clear and present danger to his neighbors, and would be an instant target for vigilantes,” Fox said.

Los Angeles County Sheriff John Scott is vehemently against the release of Hubbart.

“Very few American criminals create the public fear Christopher Hubbart generates,” Scott wrote. “He is the most prolific and violent rapist I have encountered in 45 years of California law enforcement.”

Cheryl Holbrook, a resident of the area and rape survivor, said there are plans to protest at Hubbart’s new home. 

"I think it's wrong," Holbrook said. "When this guy commits another crime, the blood's going to be on that judge's shoulders."


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