Release of Serial Rapist in Los Angeles to be Contested by DA Jackie Lacey

Convicted serial rapist, Christopher Evans Hubbart, now 62, raped 40 women between 1972 and 1983. He is a repeated felon and — though his prison term ended in 1996 — he was admitted to a state hospital for psychological treatment. That is, until May of this year when Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Gilbert Brown granted Hubbart conditional release in Los Angeles.

District Attorney Jackie Lacey plans to appeal the decision not on the grounds of Hubbart’s release but of the location. Twenty-six of Hubbart’s 40 reported rapes occurred in Los Angeles. Hubbart, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, considers it home. However, the DA argues Hubbart has no family connections here and lived primarily in Santa Clara. While public officers look for housing, Hubbart remains at Coalinga State Hospital.

As early as age 21, Hubbart was convicted of sodomy, rape and burglary in the Los Angeles County. After serving his seven-year sentence and while still on parole, Hubbart reoffended. According to Lacey’s writ, "he committed rapes, sodomy, and forcible oral copulation in San Francisco, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara of more than 23 victims at a rate of over two victims a month until November 1981."

Finally, in 1982, Hubbart was sentenced to 16 years on the charges of false imprisonment, rape and forced oral copulation. Only eight years later, however, Hubbart was released on parole and immediately convicted of false imprisonment for an attack on a jogger.

Sources: Fox News, NBC


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