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Release of New Air Jordans Spark Fights Across Country (Video)

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The highly anticipated release of Nike’s new Gamma Blue 11 sparked fights across the United States as customers battled over the $170 pair of shoes.

Last week, customers broke down a glass door outside Champs Sports to get a voucher for the sneakers. This week, a number of videos were uploaded of fights over the highly coveted shoe.

One video, uploaded by Instagram user omgitsfez, featured a mob of fighters inside a Finish Line shoe store at Weberston Mall in Stockton, Calif. At one point in the video, a shirtless man is pushed to the floor and punched by another shopper. To the left of him, mall security tackles another shopper.

Police reported that many shoppers fled the store before they could arrive, and no arrests were made.

In Dallas, a group of people tried to cut a long line at a shoe store about to release the new sneakers. When a fight broke out, officers arrived and remained at the store until it opened.

Outside of a Foot Locker in the Bronx, one video showed a group of teenage girls fighting on the sidewalk.

The company has a history of inspiring fights. Last year, 22-year-old Joshua Woods was shot and killed after he and a friend bought the new Nike Air Jordan shoes at a Houston mall.

The same year, police in Seattle were forced to use pepper spray to subdue a crowd of 20 eager shoppers hoping to buy the new shoes.

Sources: The Huffington Post, NY Daily News


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