Rejected! Girl Friend-Zones Date As He Goes In For Kiss But Shakes His Hand Instead (Video)


It’s every guy’s worst fear – caught on tape.

As one man goes in for the all-important first date kiss, his lady friend has other plans and completely puts him in the “friend zone” by shaking his hand.

CCTV footage caught a couple returning to the woman’s home after a night out. The man brushes her hair and looks into eyes all while she avoids his gaze at all costs.

But this wasn’t enough to tip off the clueless suitor who goes in for the kiss only to be met with a polite handshake.

The woman gives him a hug before bolting through her front door.

The video, which already has over 300,000 views, was uploaded by Dave Collins on Tuesday with the simple description, “I can feel his pain.”

Source: Daily Mail, YouTube


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