Reid: Republicans 'Reaping What They've Sown' With Trump

The Senate Minority Leader, Democratic Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, has claimed that Republicans fearing the rise of business mogul Donald Trump are simply “reaping what they’ve sown.”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has emerged the clear front-runner to become the GOP nominee, leaving the party’s establishment concerned about their party’s direction.

On March 2, Reid took the Senate floor to blast his GOP colleagues, stating that they created the environment for Trump to rise, Politico reports.

“Republicans have spent the last eight years stoking the fires of resentment and hatred, building Trump piece by piece,” Reid said.

GOP leaders have expressed anxiety over a Trump nomination, fearing that his controversial comments and proposals regarding Latinos, Muslims and his reluctance to disavow the support of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke will lead to a disastrous defeat in the general election.  

“We’re going to lose,” Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told CBS News. “You’ll never convince me that Donald Trump is the answer to the problem we have with Hispanics.”

The senator predicted that a Trump nomination “will tear the party apart, it will divide conservatism, and we’re gonna lose to Hillary Clinton and have the third term of Barack Obama.”

Stuart Stevens, the GOP strategist who advised former Republican Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts during the 2012 presidential election, told Huffington Post that Trump “is a dangerous person and is someone who would embarrass America.”

The strategist added that “I have no desire to see Hillary Clinton as president… but I can’t support Donald Trump.”

Reid mocked the GOP leaders’ outrage, claiming that they “shouldn’t be surprised… the Republican Party has spent years railing against Latinos and immigrants, trying to incite fear.”

The Minority Leader added that Trump’s rival Republican candidates, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, “are saying basically the same thing.”

Reid concluded that Republicans who fear a Trump candidacy must clean up their mess.

“It’s time for Republicans to stop the Frankenstein they’ve created.”

Sources: CBS News, Huffington PostPolitico / Photo credit: Center for American Progress / Flickr

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