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Neighbors Worried After Sex Offender Facility Sells Children's Toys At Yard Sale

Stuffed animals, Legos, playmats and other children’s toys were found during a yard sale in Apopka, Florida, Saturday afternoon. The problem? The yard sale took place at a sex offenders rehabilitation center.

Neighbors were worried after learning that The Lighthouse Mission, which is home to 26 sex offenders, was selling children’s toys at a yard sale, WFTV reported.

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Gloria Hoffpauir, who helps run the Lighthouse Mission with her mother, says the sex offenders are not identified as predators.

When questioned about whether there should be a sign letting people who know who lives in the complex, Hoffpauir responded: “Why should it? I don’t have it in front of my house that I’m on disability.”

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Hoffpauir insisted that the community was not in any danger and that they have been hosting yard sales for years.

“Kids don’t come up here by themselves,” she told WFTV. “Their parents are with them.”

The woman added that the sex offenders do not sell items at the event. She said they just help set up the sale and move items.

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Still, some residents feel it’s not right and believe the yard sale poses a threat to the community’s safety.

“I just don’t want kids to be around violators,” resident Stephen Vasquez said, according to WFTV.

The facility will not be hosting any yard sales for awhile due to a violation of city code that allows for only two yard sales a year. The next sale is planned around Christmas, the Daily Mail reported.

Sources: WFTV, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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