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Regular Visits The Same Bar For Years Before Finally Revealing Something Shocking To Bar Staff

A bartender at Texas Roadhouse was shocked by the tip a regular customer left him.

Jessee Gutierrez, a bartender at an Odessa, Texas, Texas Roadhouse, says that in the four years he has worked at the restaurant, he has become friends with several regular customers. Recently, he learned that it pays off to take care of the regulars.

Gutierrez told KWES that he was serving one of the regulars that he has become good friends with when something shocking happened - the regular tipped him $1,000.

The bartender says he was stunned by the gesture.

"At the end of the night, when I paid him out, that's when he put that tip on the thing and then I didn't know what to do," Gutierrez told KWES. "I didn't know what to expect and when he was talking to me, there were tears in his eyes and he was just like there's something on my heart that's telling me to do this for you."

Gutierrez says that the regular told him he wanted to leave the tip because he wanted to help relieve financial stress for the bartender and his family.

"He goes I see that you have a family, I see that you have a wife, a three month baby," Gutierrez recalled. "He was like I wanna make sure that this makes it a lot easier for you in the next couple of months."

Sources: KWESNewsiosityYouTube / Photo Credit: KWES

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