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Reginald Davis Claims Police Beat Him, While Sleeping at Beach

Reginald Davis (pictured) has filed a lawsuit against the Galveston, Texas Police Department because he was allegedly "brutally beaten by two cops and held underwater."

Davis said police caught him sleeping illegally in his car on a Galveston seawall at a beach, where they beat him and pushed his head underwater in the surf.

According to Courthouse News Service, the alleged incident occurred on March 19. The lawsuit, filed Monday, says the City of Galveston failed to properly train its police officers.

Davis claims he traveled Galveston the night before the incident to attend a friend's birthday party. He went to a local Denny's restaurant to study for a college exam the next morning.

According to his lawsuit: "Shortly after departing Denny's to go back to his home in La Marque, Mr. Davis realized he was extremely exhausted and decided to pull his car over on the seawall and rest before driving home."

Davis fell asleep, apparently unaware that sleeping in a car parked on the Galveston seawall is illegal without a camping permit.

He was woken up by police officer Jose Santos Jr., who asked him to get out of his car and put his hands on the hood of the police car.

However, Davis ran onto the beach, where he was allegedly Tasered in the back and tackled by Officer Santos.

Officer Archie Chapman Jr. allegedly arrived on the scene and helped Officer Davis beat and kick Davis, which was reportedly recorded by a police car's dashcam.

Galveston Police Chef Henry Porretto told the Houston Chronicle that Davis has a criminal history that includes two drug convictions, and was possibly facing a third one.

However, if true, that would not justify police abuse.

Porretto said that an internal investigation determined that the police officers used necessary force during Davis' arrest.

However, Davis' lawsuit said he suffered injuries to his arm, neck, shoulders and back, and has constant headaches caused by a concussion.

Sources: Houston Chronicle and Courthouse News Service


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