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Reddit User Uploads Picture of Walmart Doughnuts with Three Different 'Best Before' Dates

Walmart is getting criticism today after a Reddit user posted a photo of old doughnuts she bought at the store that had three different best before dates.

The labels were stacked on top of each other, and when they were peeled back, each revealed a different date. The first label said the doughnuts were best before March 31, the second said April 1, and the final one said April 2.

Some users on the site said the labels were probably changed along with the price, but the Reddit user, Planet Rock, insists the price stayed the same on all three labels.

The user said they bought the box of doughnuts at a Walmart in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, and that they have tried to post the image on Walmart's Facebook page two times but they were both deleted.

Planet Rock wanted to express their anger over paying full price for old doughnuts, but admitted that they tried one.

"I'm not gonna lie," they said, "I still ate one…it tasted pretty terrible and was hard."

Many posted on the photo and said they could not believe it. 

Planet Rock replied, "I know, it's shocking. I'm glazed and confused."

Walmart has not commented on the issue yet.

Sources: Daily Mail, Reddit


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