Reddit Chart Reveals Most Common American Birthdays


A chart uploaded to Reddit by a U.S. graduate claims to show the most common birthdays of American children, with September birthdays occurring most often.

In contrast to September birthdays, which occur nine months after the holiday season, holiday birthdays were found to be the least common. Of the nearly 50,000 births considered from 1994 to 2003 via data found in records from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 6,000 occurred on Christmas. Almost 8,000 occurred on Thanksgiving and on New Year’s Day. The most common holiday for births was Valentine’s Day.

Reddit users speculated that holidays were uncommon birthdays because many American hospitals refuse to schedule c-sections on national holidays. Additionally, some doctors will induce on a specific day to make the delivery more convenient.

The chart also considered days of the week and seasons. The most common day for births was Tuesday, though Wednesday and Thursday were nearly as common. The least common day of the week for births was Sunday. According to the chart, the season with the greatest number of births occurring in it was Summer. The least common season was Winter.

A surprisingly high number of births occurred on September 9, 1999, possibly because parents wanted their children to have a 9/9/99 birth date.

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Sources: The Blaze, DailyMail


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