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'Red Tarzan' Vigilante Humiliates Sex Workers In Russia

A St. Petersburg vigilante who has "declared war on prostitution" in the city has humiliated more sex workers in a violent brothel raid.

Viacheslav Datsik, a former kickboxer from St. Petersburg, Russia, with a history of mental illness, has begun a vigilante campaign against prostitution in the city, calling himself "Red Tarzan," according to the Daily Mail. The 36-year-old was allegedly involved in a police raid that led to prostitutes and their clients being made to walk naked through the streets of St. Petersburg.

A new video shows shocking footage of Datsik and other Russian men -- including musician Stanislav Baretsky -- violently raiding a brothel and humiliating sex workers of African descent.

Datsik yelled racially insensitive comments at the women as he grabbed their hair and arms to show their faces to the camera. "They infect the last white men of our nation with HIV," yelled Datsik. He then told Russians to call the police if they know of a brothel in St. Petersburg.

The previous raid Datsik was allegedly involved in saw workers and customers at the brothel forced to march naked before being put into police cars. "Police burst into the building and a little while later left with naked and crying prostitutes," said one witness at the scene.

Datsik was detained May 18 for attempting to infiltrate and raid another brothel with his entourage. The former MMA fighter has a history of incarceration and was first arrested in 2007 over a series of armed robberies of St. Petersburg phone shops, according to MMA site Bloody Elbow.

Datsik's mental health was examined after he made claims that he was the son of a Slavic pagan god, and he was found to be unstable. He was transferred to a psychiatric clinic, where he escaped in 2010 through a hole in a fence, fleeing the country to Norway. He was later detained again for his ties to neo-Nazism, and was sent back to Russia in 2011 until his release in March 2016.

Now, less than three months after his release, the "Red Tarzan" is in police custody again. According to one report, he is expected to be charged with destruction of property and hooliganism.

Sources: Daily Mail, Bloody Elbow / Photo credit: Bloody Elbow

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