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Customer Offended By Blue-Haired Server, Makes Her Cry

Many nationwide are rushing to comfort a Tennessee waitress who faced discrimination on July 16 from a customer uncomfortable with her appearance.

A Red Robin customer reportedly asked for a new server after seeing 24-year-old Ashley Chiarizzio’s blue hair, tattoos, and piercings, WABC reports.

“[My boss] told me, ‘She doesn’t like the way you look,’” Chiarizzio explained, WKRN reports. “He said, ‘She doesn’t like the way you represent -- the tattoos, the piercings, hair -- she wants a new server.’”

Chiarizzio said she burst into tears.

“I’ve never had someone look at me and decide I wasn’t good enough to serve them,” she said.

Soon enough, however, she was feeling better and decided to write about the incident on the Mt Juliet Hipster's Facebook page.

"To the the lady who refused to let me serve her tonight because you didn't agree with 'what I represented' and 'how I presented myself', I just wanted to let you know, while I cried on my drive home, I prayed for you," Chiarizzio wrote. "I pray God over looks your judgement of me, I pray you learn acceptance and tolerance to things you didn't grow up with, and I pray that you learn someone's appearance does not affect their ability to work (especially to serve burgers and fries)."

“You did however, light a fire under my butt so now I'm sitting at home with an even brighter blue in my hair, and planning out my next tattoo! All with you in mind,” she added with a smiley-faced emoticon.

Before long, the Facebook post captured the attention of hundreds who rushed to express their support and empathy.

“People were saying, ‘You’re awesome,’” she said. “It’s 100 percent overwhelming happiness and positivity from the community.”

Spraying blue paint in their hair, Chiarizzio's co-workers also showed their solidarity. Some even wore temporary tattoos.

“It’s basically to say, ‘If you didn’t like it, you can’t sit with any of us because now we all have blue hair and tattoos,’” she explained.

Sources: WABCWKRNHip Mt Juliet/Facebook / Photo credit: Hip Mt Juliet/Facebook

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