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This Recording Has Been Named The Most Beautiful Sound In The World (Audio)

We all know sound is a beautiful thing. Anyone who has heard the calming voice of a loved one or that perfect sequence of notes in a song can attest to the power of sound. With so many captivating sounds in the world, could it be possible to pin down the most beautiful one? Some people think so.

The organization Beautiful Now recently collaborated with SoundCloud and held a competition with one specific purpose: to find the most beautiful sound in the world. The winning sound was produced by none other than mother nature herself.    

The Beautiful Now judges selected an entry called Dusk by the Frog Pond as the winning track. The clip, released by Wild Ambience, is a track recorded at Kubah National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia (pictured above).

Here’s how judge Juian Treasure described the winning track, which features only noises heard naturally at the swamp.

“It was the sound of a swamp, with frogs singing. The most amazing, rich recording of life, teaming life,” he said. “And listening to it you really get the sense of nature at its fullest and most abundant and most exciting… It’s like a symphony of life just expressing itself.”

Treasure said it was inspiring to see people still connecting so much with the sounds of nature. A purring cat and a baby laughing with its mother were among the other entries.

“We are disconnected…from sounds that used to surround us,” he said. “I think it’s wonderful that people voted for one of the natural sounds.”

To hear this sound, which Treasure says “will take you right to the swamp in Malaysia,” click below:

Souces: Beautiful Now, CBC Radio


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