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Record Marijuana Bust in Mexico -- 134 Tons

How much marijuana would have to be seized be a record on the Mexican – US border? Monday,  Mexican authorities confiscated 134 tons of cannabis in the city of Tijuana, just across the border from San Diego. That

is 295,419.5 pounds of marijuana all packed for sale and headed North, a record in the country’s history according to government security spokesman Alejandro Poire.

The marijuana was packed into over 15,000 packages and has an estimated value of over $350 million. The packages were wrapped in different colors with different logos which authorities suspect meant to identify the area of the US where the shipments were to be sent. One group of packages had the cartoon character, Homer Simpson on it with the inscription, “Voy demojarra y que wey”, roughly translating to “I’m going to get high dude!”.

Heavily armed troops and police seized the cannabis among three homes after a shootout with the suspected traffickers in Tijuana. One officer and one suspect were injured in the exchange of fire. All in all, eleven suspects were arrested. The marijuana is suspected to belong to one of the country’s four largest drug cartels, the Sinaloa cartel headed by Joaquin Guzman. Guzman was captured in Guatemala in 1993 and extradited to Mexico where he was jailed in a maximum security prison, but escaped in 2001 to resume his command of the Sinaloa gang.

The original estimate of the bust reported Monday was 110 tons, but in the last two days of weighing the evidence seized, the finally tally of marijuana confiscated was 134 tons. It was crammed into six cargo containers. Mexican president, Philipe Calderon congratulated the military and local police authorities for the record seizure of marijuana on Tuesday. He has said recently that Mexico’s plight with drug gangs and violence stems from living next door to the biggest drug user on the planet. He said that the bust would be a very strong blow to the financial structures of the gang responsible for the marijuana.

The fate of the massive amounts of weed is for it to be incinerated this afternoon at an army base in Tijuana.


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